With the aim of innovation, promotion of engineering systems in design, implementation and operation of non-metallic mineral industries, metal, petrochemical, petroleum and food industries, and relying on experiences and knowledge of its experts, Eide Sazan Novin Company steps towards the mentioned objectives. In this regard, continuous promotion of systemic thinking, explanation of procedures of technology transfer, training state-of-the-art technology, effective relation with universities and pursuing the organization objectives considering the priority of the best quality in the shortest time with the least cost, continuous supervision and evaluation of activities are the main ideas of this company.

Scope of Activities

1 - Executive Services:

  • All-round implementation of the project as turnkey and partial
  • Management of trust running of project-contract management and project management
  • Supply of equipment and machinery
  • Manufacturing machinery and different equipment of production lines of industrial factories
  • Installation-commissioning and delivery of different
  • departments of production line of industrial factories

2 - Consultation Services:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Base Engineering
  • Procurement and supply of production line
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Worksite Supervision and Control of plans implementation
  • Setting up machines

3 - Design Services:

  • Design of production lines technology
  • Design of handling, transport, storage and removal of
  • related materials and equipment
  • Design of duster systems
  • Design of gas transfer systems and equipments
  • Design of water supply (irrigation)-compressed air and fuel transmission
  • Refractory and insulation design

4 - Operation Services:

  • Operation of production line with guaranty of cost -optimum price
  • Maintenance of production line
  • Auditing production line
  • Design and implementation of mechanized systems of production line